Vassilis Perantzakis (alias vasper) has been working porting Haiku the last two days, as he restarted work on BeOS Max V4. While talking to BeOS friends on IRC, suggestions came on why not trying to get CUPS ported to BeOS R5. Vassilis downloaded the sources from, and started playing with it. After 3 hours he had managed to compile more than 70% of CUPS. A few functions were missing from BeOS, but these has been added.

Yesterday Vassilis posted another newsupdate on Haikuware, telling that he had managed to compile the Cups 1.1.23 source tree, but that drivers were remaining and that it gave a Missing library error on startup. He belived that it might be caused by some missing libraries that are dynamically bound to CUPS.

In the following days he will try to compile the rest of the cups tree as it contains the drivers and a database driven system for intergrating the drivers, called Foomatic. To build Foomatic, he will need the UNIX utility called File. The sources of an older version have been downloaded, and it compiled after tampering a little with its code.