Today, August 18th, marks the 6th anniversary for Haiku, though some couldn't hold their excitement and jumped the gun... *cough* Koki *cough*. On this same day, 2001, Marcus Overhagen e-mailed the OpenBeOS mailing list and outlined smoe key elements to the development of what is now Haiku.

Six years later, though not as far along as we all would have loved it to be (naturally), Haiku has come a long way, even in pre-alpha state is already usable, to some extent, and you see more and more people posting screenshots and/or videos of their Haiku experiences.

So a very Happy Birthday to Haiku and all involved, the coders, the testers, the users, etc. May many more successfull years come your way. Oh, and a beta while you're at it :)