Over at the Haiku site, Simon Taylor wrote a long and interesting update, reporting on the latest news and updates concerning Haiku's development, commit wise. Among them are Ithamar's SATA legacy driver (now updated to support nForce chipsets), some work done by GSoC (Google Summer of Code) students and some more work by Stephan on the app_server and Axel covering different aspects of the project.

But there's more, oh yes there's more. He covers as well the mailing list, some other development news (like Ryan's WebKit port) and the Bug Tracker as well. Good work by Simon to compile and report on all of this, go over and read it all.

Update: Forgot to mention that the piece written by Simon refers to the week of August 14th to 20th. He published yesterday another activity update covering the week of August 21st to 27th.