A couple of days ago, DarkWyrm posted over at the Haiku website, the results of this year's Google Summer of Code's Haiku projects. There were eight students in total participating, with of course as many projects. Among them were a rework of the network stack by Hugo Santos (some of you might remember him doing some work back in the days), a package file installer and a Firewire stack for example.

Most of these projects produced some good results, helping bring Haiku further along than it was, which is commendable. We here at ICO would like to congratulate not only the students, but also the mentors who helped them along the way. Good job everyone.

On a related note, Ryan Leavengood just announced that Haiku, represented by himself, Stephan Aßmus and Oliver Ruiz Dorantes, will attend this year's GSoC Mentor Summit, which will be held on October 6th, in Mountain View, California. Not only that, but they will be staying an extra day or two there (Sunday), and are planning an informal Haiku gathering, so if you're in the neighbourhood, be sure to stay tuned for the details and stop by for a visit.