Six in a row, that's now six years in a row that Haiku is selected as a mentor organization for Google's Summer of Code 2012. Impressive and a testament not only to Haiku itself but to those who work behind the scenes, with a special mention of course to Matt Madia.

For the students interested in taking part in this year's GSoC, your window to apply for a spot runs from March 26th up to April 6th and of course, you'll need to check the ideas page which you can find right here. This year it ranges as usual from kernel work (filesystems improvements and BFS partition resizer for example) to applications (WebPositive and Virtualbox are two high profile projects), not forgetting of course drivers (ACPI video extensions), network (BT and IPv6 improvements), media (streaming support and merging CDPlayer into MediaPlayer), user interfance (preflet GUI work and modular view edit) and miscellaneous (improving the mail system and adding compositing support to the app_server are just two of the list).

It's a big list and some are quite big tasks but if you feel you're up to it you now have about 3 weeks to prepare your application. Good luck to everyone and hopefully by the end of August we'll have some great code sitting in Haiku's repository.