That didn't take long now did it? If you've read yesterday piece (the one right below) I mentioned a goal Ithamar had before leaving the Coding Sprint, which was "to have Haiku boot all the way until it complains no boot device was found". Well, guess what? I just received a nice e-mail from Ithamar with a new screenshot. And a new kernel panic message. That message reads: "get_boot_partitions failed!"

That's it! Goal reached! Ithamar again was helped by Rene and this time they also had the assistance of Adrien (Pulkomandy), so hats off to all three, amazing job guys, just awesome. I asked Ithamar what his plan now was and he said it's "to look at FDT (Flattened Device Tree) so we can make it easier to add support for other devices".

Now, this was reached in under 4 days of work, imagine if we had more BeGeistert weekends and Coding Sprints. Imagine if I won the lottery and donated that £1m pounds to Haiku!