After being delayed for a few weeks, the new target date has been met and Haiku is today releasing its Alpha 4 into the wild! Over a year has passed since Alpha 3, 16 months to be precise and lots of things have changed since that previous release, a couple of examples being the support for most Radeon HD cards and WPA/WPA2 support.

Of course, many more changes, additions and improvements have been put in place by the coders of this longe period between the two releases, so if you haven't had a chance to try out one of the latest nightly build, or even if you did, why not pop over and download Alpha 4? Better yet, why not order a comemorative CD for you to keep, while at the same time helping the project?

Happy Alphaing!

Update: Haiku just announced last night the availability of the update Alpha 4.1. When Alpha 4 was released, a couple of critical bugs were found to be affecting several users/testers, issues which unfortunately slipped through the testing process (even with Alex for example testing on his 5 machines). One was causing the Deskbar to freeze once Haiku booted, caused by a deadlock in the network stack. The other was a trip to KDL, caused by some improper sanitization of pci bus device nodes. But fear not, patches have been applied and Alpha 4.1 is now available.