This year's Google Code-In has finished, now all that's left is for the winners to be announced (two will come from Google), but fear not if you didn't follow closely which and how many tasks were completed, for there's a wrap-up report! Scott wrote in the report last week, that in total, 168 tasks were completed by the students, of which there were at least 10 with 6 tasks or more under their belt. The report also mentions some of the students stood out (I think can guess at least two), which was impressive and we're all hoping some would like to continue with the project, making their contribution. All in all a very fruitful GCI, so congratulations to all involved, both students and mentors.

The GCI isn't the only good news connecting both Haiku and Google though. Very generously Google has donated $5000 USD to Haiku! As the update over at the Haiku website states, although this isn't the first time Google has made payments to Haiku, in the past they've all been part of GSoC, paying for mentoring services (and related expenses), so this marks the first time Google has actually donated money to the project.

You know what Haiku's hoping this will mean right? More development contracts of course. As you're aware, two contracts will soon start, Ingo's and Oliver's, but the project needs more, so if you're already involved in the project and you have the time to work on Haiku full time (and of the devs, who wouldn't like that), send them your proposal. And this is an interesting tidbit from the update: "There have been several suggestions of pursuing a crowdfunding effort, to enough funding to pay more competitive rates for a longer term contract". Interesting indeed... I'd say stay tuned :)