TuneTracker Systems has been, for years now, the most successful commercial enterprise, when it comes to BeOS (and now Haiku) software, as I'm sure you'll agree. The first version shipped almost 13 years ago, in June 2000, and it's been a long road to reach the new System 5.

With this new version, TuneTracker is finally fully running on Haiku, the team having felt it's now mature enough for 24/7 operation (though Fair Harbor Radio has been running on Haiku since 2011). Not bad for a Alpha branded OS, is it? With Haiku they can, for example, offer their clients the option to get a system with up to 4TB drives.

I've said this before, time and again, but once again this is amazing work by Dane and his team and we wish them continued success, for many, many years. Here's a TuneTracker history lesson and click below for their press release.

GREEN BAY -- TuneTracker Systems, a leading provider of affordable radio automation products to terrestrial and Internet radio stations, is pleased to announce the release an updated version of its entire product line for use with Haiku, a free, open-source operating system.

Included in the $699 TuneTracker System 5 suite is Command Center radio automation, TuneStacker music selector, Lightning request finder and program log editor, MakeMyDay master log builder, Army Knife attribute editor, CSacker report generator, and a free copy of Haiku.  The suite is available as software-only, and in a variety of "Station-in-a-Box" packages, some of them including satellite switchers.

Station-in-a-Box computer systems include the $1299 "Command Center One," the $1499 "TeraCaster 1000 (1 terabyte of storage)," the $1699 "TeraCaster 2000" (2 terabytes), the $1899 "QuadraCaster" (4 terabytes), and three switcher-based models for satellite broadcasting: the four-input "ChannelCaster 4," eight-input "ChannelCaster 8," and 16 input "ChannelCaster 16."  Available for all Station-in-a-Box systems is TuneBacker, a "double-redundant" system that comes with two removable hard drives to keep station contents doubly backed up at all times.

TuneTracker Systems' new automation suite was created for use with Haiku, a free, open-source desktop operating system designed to be fast, lightweight, and stable, like the commercial BeOS operating system it was fashioned after.  Haiku has won rave reviews for its clean design and ease-of-use.  TuneTracker Systems has chosen Haiku as its new platform, as it did BeOS before it, because of its jitter-free multitasking environment and proven ability to run stably for long periods of unattended operation, a requisite for many radio stations.

Along with the System 5 suite, TuneTracker Systems is offering a complete line of accessory products, including a new version of its "TT Anywhere" remote desktop connection software, TunePrepper music ripper and prepper, HeartSong (a complete contemporary Christian radio format), the "SignalCaster" remote broadcasting package, a new printed user's guide, and a set of "FastTracker Learning Series" DVDs covering major elements of the system.

"Our goal has always been to offer a rich feature set comparable with the costliest high-end systems, but at a price affordable to even the smallest stations," says Dane Scott, General Manager of TuneTracker Systems. "We've continued to build on that reputation with each new release, while holding our prices at the same level for the past ten years.  This latest System 5 release is easily our best ever."

About TuneTracker Systems

TuneTracker Systems was established in late 1999, and TuneTracker radio automation software was first released in early 2000.  Over 1,000 systems have been sold, and today, TuneTracker is being used by broadcasters on every continent.


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