Over the last couple of days, Haiku has made available three new ways for everyone interested in the project, to be able to donate to it, namely Goodsearch, Flattr and Bitcoin. Goodsearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo and with every search you perform (after choosing to whom you'd like to donate), a penny gets donated. With Flattr you can set a  monthly donation budget which you can then divide amongst the ones (people, organizations) you wish to "flattr". Bitcoin dispenses any introduction really, it's a digital currency which usage and acceptance has been growing as time goes by. Haiku's bitcoin address is 1CvgfZCz9Scw3711zU1SN59Q8rvas3FgU1.

Great to see Haiku Inc. giving its supporters new ways to donate and by giving them more ways to donate, hopefully the total amount will increase as well.