Ingo (aka bonefish) posted a new update on his and Oliver's current work on Haiku's Package Management. In it he does go over the changes/improvements since his previous update - which include for example aesthetic changes and also the ability to build multiple packages per port, and outlines in some deeper detail changes they made to the core system of the package management.

The big news though, and this is together with a new post just published at Haiku's site, both their development contracts have been extended! Oliver will continue working for Haiku for at least 4 months, at a rate of 80 hours per month. As for Ingo, his will be an open-ended contract at a rate of 160 hours per month, meaning that, as long as Haiku has the funds, the contract stands. For now and with the available funds, it'll stand for 3 months.

Awesome news for Haiku, having two core developers extend their contracts, allowing them to keep working on the project. But, as mentioned before, one of the contracts will last for as long as there are funds, which means, they need funds! So head over to the donations page and share some wealth their way, c'mon, you know you want to, it'll make you feel all warm inside, promise.