It's August 18th (at least in this part of the world) for a little bit longer, and in case you're not aware, that means today is Haiku's birthday. That's right, Haiku turns 12 today, so it's a pre-teen now, pretty soon it'll start rebelling and thinking it knows everything there is to know. But for now, let's enjoy these interesting times in Haiku's life.

Beta 1 is closer than ever, seeing as Package Management is moving forward by leaps and bounds (sometimes steps and strides), thanks to the ongoing contract with Ingo and Oliver and, in other also exciting news, there might be two new development contracts coming soon, though for now you'll have to stay tuned during the coming weeks to know more about it. BeGeistert is coming as well, only a few weeks away along with a coding sprint, so you know what that means, more commits and bug squashes, just what the doctor recommended.

So join me in wishing Haiku a very Happy Birthday and here's to (at least) 12 more years, though by then, we of course expect total world domination.