Sorry about the delay in posting about this, going through one of my lazy periods. A few days ago, after a hiatus, Pulkomandy posted once again a monthly(ish) report on Haiku's dev activity, and because of that hiatus, we got a 3 in 1 deal. In this report, work that was done by the devs ranges from the Media Kit all the way to the Debugger and gcc work, with apps and packages in there as well.

We have Barrett's contract work on the Media Kit and DeadYak's work on the Debugger, we have work done on graphics drivers, on Bluetooth, USB improvements, and many more. Another addition is you now have the option, when a crash occurs, to write a core dump file, which can help find out the root cause of the issue, which is always a good thing.

So thanks to all the devs that continue working on the project, and of course thanks to Adrien for compiling these reports, let's wait and see what the next one brings.